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Automated leads generation

Everything you need to grow your business on Reddit with AI

ReplyCat watches Reddit conversation 24/7 so you don't have to

Word of Mouth Growth
Boost Advocacy: Capitalize on authentic Redditor testimonials to significantly enhance your product's visibility, building trust and accelerating conversions.
Jumpstart Web Traffic
Supercharge Your Traffic:Harness the immense reach of Reddit to increase site traffic. Discover the power of visibility as Google searches lead to your Reddit discussions, boosting your site visits.
Intelligent Auto-Responses: Elevate engagement with AI-generated Reddit replies that seamlessly integrate your product mentions. Achieve authentic interaction effortlessly.
Save time
Multiply Your Time: Revolutionize efficiency with ReplyCat's AI technology, saving up to 3.7 times more time. Benefit from precise semantics over basic rule-based alerts, focusing only on what truly matters.


Those founders love ReplyCat

“The 3 leads I received from Reply Cat helped me book 2 sales meetings!”

ReplyCat customer, Onur Genes, founder of nureply.com
Onur Geneş
Founder, nureply

“Reddit was black-hole for me. The day I signed up to ReplyCat, I got 4 high quality posts to comment on and got first results in minutes. Great new channel for us!”

ReplyCat customer, Fabian Seibt, founder of Loggify
Fabian Seibt
Founder, Loggify App

“Thanks Leon! These lead emails from ReplyCat are so helpful - I friggin love them and look forward to my next one!”

ReplyCat customer, Corinn Pope, founder of viewshed.io
Corinn Pope

“ReplyCat has provided us a new avenue to collect leads it's been awesome! Would highly recommend trying it out. Thanks Leon!”

ReplyCat customer, Ella Prado, founder of Elly
Ella Prado
Founder, Elly

“The very system that propelled SQLPad to a $10K monthly recurring revenue through organic mentions on Reddit is now accessible through ReplyCat. Overlooking the opportunity to let AI organically elevate your product on the world's #1 social site would be a missed opportunity. ”

SQLPad Co-Founder, Cecilia
Co-Founder, SQLPad

Frequently asked questions

What problems does ReplyCat solve?

Imagine pouring your heart and soul into a groundbreaking idea. You assemble a dream team: a visionary designer, a front-end wizard, and a backend genius. Together, you push through weeks of grueling work, your sights set on revolutionizing the market. Launch day arrives and... silence. Minimal traffic, zero sales—your vision seems to vanish into thin air.

Sounds familiar?

This crushing scenario is far too common, but it doesn’t have to be your reality.

Enter ReplyCat. We don’t just watch you struggle; we thrust you into the spotlight on Reddit, where your target audience is already seeking solutions you provide.

By seamlessly integrating mentions of your product into relevant discussions, we ignite curiosity and drive high-quality, highly targeted leads straight to your doorstep.

With ReplyCat, not only is your product seen—it’s sought after, transforming potential into profits.

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Why did you create ReplyCat?

My journey with ReplyCat began with the launch of my first product, SQLPad, three years ago. Initially, despite the product's potential, it struggled to attract paying customers—until I turned to Reddit. Surprisingly, this platform became the cornerstone of SQLPad’s success.

By engaging authentically in subreddit discussions related to my field, I didn't just throw my product into conversations; I added value, shared my expertise, and when appropriate, subtly mentioned SQLPad. This strategy didn't always include a direct link, yet curious minds were drawn to my profile, and from there, to SQLPad’s website. The results were staggering: the first 100 paying customers originated from these Reddit interactions, and over the past 3 years, SQLPad has attracted over 50,000 users worldwide.

To streamline this process, I developed an NLP engine that automatically scans relevant subreddit discussions, saving me the need to manually monitor these spaces. This system allows me to engage only when there’s a true fit, optimizing my time while maintaining the organic feel of my contributions.

The success I experienced with SQLPad is what I now want to replicate for others through ReplyCat. The same algorithm that propelled my business is now available to you, offering a pathway to harness the power of community-driven marketing to not only meet but exceed your business goals.

Why shouldn't I just occasionally search Reddit for related products?

Manually searching Reddit for product-related discussions is feasible, but here are the top 2 reasons our clients prefer to use ReplyCat instead:

1. Vastness: Reddit is home to over 1 million subreddits and more than 400 million daily users. It’s nearly impossible to effectively monitor even a handful of popular subreddits manually due to their sheer volume and activity.

2. Automated Replies: Our platform uses advanced AI to not only monitor discussions but also to automatically create convincing replies on your behalf. This saves you the effort of crafting each response manually, ensuring timely and relevant engagement without draining your resources.

Let ReplyCat handle the tedious, time-consuming task of scanning Reddit. This allows you to focus on what truly matters—growing your business and maximizing productivity.

What subreddits are you monitoring?

ReplyCat comprehensively monitors a wide array of subreddits across the entirety of Reddit. This includes over 4,000 popular SFW (safe for work) subreddits to ensure your brand engages in appropriate, safe environments. We consciously avoid NSFW (not safe for work) subreddits to maintain your brand's safety and integrity.

Should I be concerned that Reddit forbids self-advertising?

It's true that almost every subreddit has rules against self-promotion, which can make navigating Reddit challenging for businesses. This is precisely where ReplyCat proves invaluable. Our service strategically identifies opportunities where your product can be mentioned organically in response to relevant questions posed by others.

Our replies are carefully crafted—fine-tuned through rigorous testing—to ensure they appear sincere and not overly promotional, maintaining authenticity while promoting your brand, and of course powered by the latest AI.

What is the difference between ReplyCat and other Reddit monitoring tools such as F5bot?

While there are several tools available for monitoring Reddit, ReplyCat stands out through its advanced semantic matching technology. Unlike tools that rely on static keyword-based rules, such as F5bot, ReplyCat uses sophisticated semantic analysis to understand the context of discussions.

This approach allows ReplyCat to significantly reduce false positives—erroneous alerts often triggered by keyword-based rules. By ensuring more accurate and relevant matches, ReplyCat enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of your engagement on Reddit.

Furthermore, keyword-based systems can fail to detect the sentiment behind the mentions, leading to inappropriate engagement when the context is negative. ReplyCat's technology adeptly navigates this by discerning sentiment, ensuring that your brand engages only when it adds value, protecting and enhancing your brand's reputation.

How soon and how will I know if I'm getting more traffic from Reddit?

At ReplyCat, we enhance your visibility on Reddit by organically mentioning your brand and product or service name in relevant discussions. We intentionally avoid including direct links to your product to reduce the risk of your posts being automatically deleted by Reddit's moderation systems.

This approach invites interested users to search for your brand on Google and other search engines, potentially leading to increased organic traffic to your website. You can monitor this increase in traffic through your site's analytics tools, which will show spikes in visits originating from search engines like Google.